What is Battle World?

Battle World is a grand battle royale NFT Play 2 Earn multiplayer game built on the Polygon network. Battle World is a globally appealing mid-core game for the masses. The players are dropped into maps modeled after famous global locations and towns, where they have to loot and fight against others to be the last one standing.

Let the Battle begin.

How can I participate in the game and earn income?

There will be many ways for hero’s to join the game lobby, build team, win matches. Once the battle ends, the winners will receive the split of the game winnings in Battle World tokens $BWO

How do I buy a Battle Hero’s NFT?

You can buy Battle Hero NFT by participating in the NFT mint happening by May. The exact details are to be announced soon. The sale will include a limited quantity of Hero’s. After mint, the Hero’s will be sent to the buyers immediately once the sale is concluded.

How do I buy a Weapons & Emotes NFT?

The Weapons NFT and Emotes NFT will be available in our NFT marketplace. For more details please join our Discord & Telegram channels and stay tuned to our announcements.

Where can I learn more about the Battle World game system?

For more information about Battle World game system, the Hero’s NFT, Weapons NFT, in-game currency ($BWO) and the Emotes NFT please read our Whitepaper. You can also check our socials below and approach our team via Telegram or Discord with any questions you might have.

What is BWO token?

BWO token is the in-game currency powering the game economy. Players can get $BWO by buying it on DEXs, CEXs & winning matches.

I need help?

If you are having difficulty in understanding about the game system, please join our Discord server, or approach our team on Telegram via our official group.

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