Safe Zone and Storm

Players will get notified about the enclosing storm and will be prompted to head to the safe zone. Safe zones are circular safe zones that randomly spawn in different locations of the map after set intervals, players are forced to move to the safe zones or run the risk of being damaged or killed by the storm.

Once a safe zone is announced, the storm will slowly move towards the safe zone, damaging everyone inside it. Once the storm reaches the safe zone, a new and smaller safe zone is announced and players once again have to travel to it. The safe zones keep getting smaller and smaller, forcing players into a tight battle zone.

The player will be represented by a white circle in their minimap, if the player is outside the safe zone, their circular icon will be accompanied by a white arrow that directs the player to the safe zone. Each game has 4 safe zones and 5 closing storms, the 5th, and final storm will close in and cover the whole map, damaging all the players inside and the last surviving player wins.

The safe zones are always randomly decided by the system in order to keep the core gameplay dynamic and ever-changing, players will have to adapt and overcome the new safe zone in order to survive.

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