Scoring and Reward System

Earning $BWO

  • In-game activities - Trade Heroes and Weapons

  • Events - Meta Tournaments

  • Battles - Completing in-game quests

    - Winning 3 streaks in a row

    - Getting 10 kills in a game

  • Season and battle pass rewards

  • Top leaderboard on a monthly basis

  • Heroes and Weapons rental

  • Leveling up

  • LP Staking

Spending $BWO

  • Purchase Hero Box (Gacha)

  • Create Weapons and train Heroes

  • Battle pass purchase for season league

  • Purchase NFT on the Marketplace

  • Upgrade Weapons and Heroes

Usage Flow

  • Use free Heroes to battle with others to earn (it takes time)

  • Buying Elite Heroes will help earning more $BWO compared to Free Heroes

  • Heroes’ rental - Players can lease their Heroes to other players at a predetermined price

  • Weapon rental - Players can hire the weapon creation factory to upgrade and lease it back for revenue

  • Players can design NFT Heroes and Weapons and sell them on the NFT marketplace

  • Using Battle pass to receive premium items, premium quests, and missions to receive more rewards

  • Stake the $BWO

  • Earn rewards from Gacha

  • Tournament and special events

  • Ranking rewards

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