The game starts with the player being deployed in the selected zone. The spawn points in each zone are predefined; the game starts when the lobby capacity is met after a 5-second countdown. (the game starts at the same time for everyone).

The players will start off with a pistol that can be found in their primary weapon slot with unlimited ammo capacity. The reason behind starting with a pistol is that if used efficiently it offers the player a fighting chance against others in scenarios where their secondary gun is out of ammo or that they have to defend themselves at the start of the game where they couldn’t yet find a secondary gun. The pistol cannot be swapped out for another gun.

Players will be able to scavenge for different weapons throughout the world, they will have to face and do battle with other players, and constantly move to the ever-changing safe area.

The final player surviving wins the game, the player can also win the game without even getting one single kill by just moving to the safe zone on time and surviving the storm.

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